Qiskit Runtime

Speed up your quantum experiments on our systems in the cloud with an efficient and low-latency architecture.

What is it?

Qiskit Runtime is a new architecture offered by IBM Quantum that streamlines computations requiring many iterations. These experiments will execute significantly faster within this improved hybrid quantum/classical process.

Using Qiskit Runtime, for example, a research team at IBM Quantum was able to achieve 120x speedup in their lithium hydride simulation.

Qiskit Runtime allows authorized users to upload their Qiskit quantum programs for themselves or others to use. A Qiskit quantum program, also called a Qiskit Runtime program, is a piece of Python code that takes certain inputs, performs quantum and maybe classical computation, interactively provides intermediate results if desired, and returns the processing results. The same or other authorized users can then invoke these quantum programs by simply passing in the required input parameters.

Start experimenting with a prebuilt Qiskit Runtime program, or go directly to the Qiskit Runtime introduction notebook. Learn how to upload your own program in the Uploading a Qiskit Runtime program tutorial. You can also run this tutorial in IBM Quantum Lab.

Visit the Services page to see all available programs.


Why use Qiskit Runtime?

Run your experiments with an improved architecture

For variational algorithms such as VQE, the loops between classical and quantum computation will happen near the quantum device, reducing latency.

Upload and iterate

Upload your own Qiskit quantum program and run it with different inputs and configurations each time.

Receive intermediate results

Receive intermediate results as your execution runs. Coming soon: adjust the parameters to tweak the in-progress experiment accordingly.