IBM Quantum compute resources

The first and foremost quantum systems
and simulators for science and business.

Since 2016, when it made the world’s first quantum computer available through IBM Cloud®, IBM Quantum has remained the premier place for researchers, industry professionals, developers, and students to access cutting-edge quantum hardware.

IBM Quantum offers both open and premium access to a wide variety of quantum systems. All quantum systems deployed by IBM Quantum are based on superconducting qubit technology, as the control and scalability of this technology pave a clear path to achieving quantum advantage with these systems.


About our systems

IBM Quantum systems, based on IBM Quantum System One, are built using world-leading quantum processors, cryogenic components, control electronics, and classical computing technology. These systems are denoted by names that start with ibmq_* or ibm_*. All systems return a configuration file containing all the information needed for executing quantum circuits on the systems. Additionally, quantum systems return properties information that details the characteristics of the system qubits, as well as the gates acting on these qubits. This includes noise information obtained from system calibration scripts.