User account


Access to IBM Quantum is controlled by a user account. This account is uniquely tied to the login credentials used to access IBM Quantum. The user account performs two essential functions. First, an account is associated with one or more providers that give access to the various services provided by IBM Quantum. Second, a unique token is assigned to each account, allowing for IBM Quantum access from Qiskit.

You can view your account information after you log in by clicking Account details in the account menu ( account ). The following information is shown on the Account details page:

  • General information, such as your email address and type of account.

  • Notification and privacy settings.

  • Your API token and the option to regenerate it.

  • Your list of providers.

  • Your default hub information.

Delete account

We are sorry to see you go! To delete your account, click Delete account on the Account details page. Note that this cannot be undone, and all data will be permanently removed.