Qiskit tutorials: High-performance simulators

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  • Simulators - This notebook shows how to import Qiskit Aer simulator backends and use them to execute ideal (noise-free) Qiskit Terra circuits.

  • Device backend noise model simulations - This notebook shows how to use the Qiskit Aer noise module to automatically generate a basic noise model for an IBM Quantum system, and use this model to do noisy simulations of quantum circuits to study the effects of errors that occur on real devices.

  • Building noise models - This notebook introduces how to use the Qiskit Aer noise module to build custom noise models for noisy simulations.

  • Applying noise to custom unitary gates - This notebook shows how to add custom unitary gates to a quantum circuit and use them for noise simulations in Qiskit Aer.

  • Noise transformation - This notebook shows how to use the Qiskit Aer utility functions approximate_quantum_error and approximate_noise_model to transform quantum noise channels into a different, more suitable, noise channel.

  • The extended stabilizer simulator - Learn how to use the extended simulator method for classically simulating quantum circuits.

  • Matrix product state simulation method - The QASM simulator has several simulation methods that determine the internal representation of the quantum circuit and the algorithms used to process the quantum operations. This tutorial focuses on the matrix product state simulation method.