Qiskit tutorials: Algorithms

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  • An introduction to algorithms in Qiskit - This introduction to algorithms in Qiskit explains the functionality to get you started. Other tutorials provide more in-depth material on specific algorithms.

  • Monitoring VQE convergence - Variational algorithms in Qiskit, like VQE and QAOA, give a callback method that can be used to monitor optimization progress as the algorithm runs and converges to the minimum. This notebook demonstrates using Qiskit’s VQE algorithm to plot graphs of the convergence path to ground state energy with a selected set of optimizers.

  • VQE on Aer simulator with noise - This notebook demonstrates how to use the Qiskit Aer qasm_simulator to create a noise model based on the properties of a real quantum system, then run a simulation with noise.

  • Advanced VQE usage - This tutorial covers parameters for configuring and using advanced VQE capabilities, such as initial_point, expectation, and gradient. It also describes advanced simulator use, such as using Aer with the Matrix Product State method.

  • IQPE and evolution of VQE output state - This notebook demonstrates using an output result state from VQE as the input starting state for evolution by the Iterative Quantum Phase Estimation (IQPE) algorithm.

  • Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm - This notebook demonstrates using the Qiskit implementation of the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA) for a graph partition problem. It is often more convenient to use QAOA in conjunction with the Optimization module; see the Optimization tutorials for more information.

  • Grover’s algorithm and amplitude amplification - This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Qiskit implementation of Grover’s algorithm in the Grover class. This class also includes the generalized version, amplitude amplification, and allows setting individual iterations and other meta-settings.

  • Grover’s algorithm examples - This notebook has examples of how to use the Qiskit Grover search algorithm with different oracles.

  • Textbook and Shor’s algorithms - Qiskit contains implementations of the well-known textbook quantum algorithms such as the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm, the Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm, and Simon’s algorithm. This notebook has examples with the pre-built algorithms in Qiskit that you can use for experimentation and education purposes.