OpenQASM simulator

IBM Quantum Experience features a high-performance simulator for prototyping quantum circuits and algorithms, and exploring their performance under realistic device noise models. The simulator is called the ibmq_qasm_simulator, and the underlying code is similar to the qasm_simulator found in Qiskit Aer.

The ibmq_qasm_simulator allows for sampling circuits up to 32 qubits, and supports the ability to pass a noise model to simulate the performance of circuits under noisy system operation.

As shown in the configuration information below, the simulator allows for up to 300 circuits per job, and natively supports a wide variety of unitary and non-unitary operations.


Configuration information for a simulator.

Note that unlike the real quantum systems, where jobs are put into a queue, IBM Quantum Experience is able to dynamically create multiple instances of the OpenQASM simulator to meet demand; under nominal workloads there is never a wait to run on the ibmq_qasm_simulator.

Simulator timeout limit

To prevent the simulator from processing jobs that would otherwise not finish processing in a reasonable amount of time, jobs sent to the ibmq_qasm_simulator are limited to run times under 10,000 seconds (~2.75 hours).

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