Try out some circuit examples

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Bell test example

The Bell test demonstrates that measurements of an entangled state cannot be explained by any local hidden variable theory, and that there must be correlations that are beyond classical.

A circuit file for a Bell state.

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Explore the Bell state further in the Entanglement topic.

GHZ state example

This circuit creates a GHZ state and then measures all qubits in the standard basis. The measured results should be half 000 and half 111 .

A GHZ state.

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W state example

W states are another way to entangle three qubits, and do so differently than GHZ states.

a W state circuit.

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Read why W states are considered have more robust entanglement than GHZ states in the W states vs. GHZ states topic.

Grover’s algorithm example

Here is the full circuit for Grover’s algorithm for the case |w\rangle = |00\rangle :

A circuit file for Grover's algorithm.

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