Circuit Composer

Drag and drop to build, visualize, and run circuits – no coding required.

What is it?

Circuit Composer is a graphical quantum programming tool that lets you drag and drop operations to build quantum circuits and run them on real quantum hardware.

Create your first quantum circuit with this step-by-step tutorial, or go directly to Circuit Composer.


How to build circuits and visualize qubit states with Circuit Composer.

What can it do?

Visualize qubit states

See how changes to your circuit affect the state of qubits, shown as an interactive q-sphere, or histograms showing measurement probabilities or statevector simulations.

Run on quantum hardware

Run your circuits on real quantum hardware to understand the effects of device noise.

Automatically generate code

Instead of writing code by hand, automatically generate OpenQASM or Python code that behaves the same way as the circuit you created with Circuit Composer.


Teach and learn
with Circuit Composer

Build circuits the way they look in textbooks and run them on real hardware to learn firsthand how they behave.

Create your first quantum circuit with this step-by-step tutorial.