Manage circuit files


Circuit Composer is a graphical interface on which to build quantum circuits and run them on a simulator or real quantum hardware.

You can build circuits in two ways:

  • drag and drop quantum instructions, or

  • enter or import OpenQASM code.

The Circuit Composer landing page is where you can view a list of your saved circuit files, and manage them. You can also launch Circuit Composer or import OpenQASM code from here.

Open Circuit Composer

  1. If you are not currently signed in to IBM Quantum Experience, select the Sign in button in the upper right corner. Then, you can either sign in or Create an IBMid account.

  2. Open Circuit Composer by selecting the circuit icon on the left-hand navigation of IBM Quantum Experience.

On the Circuit Composer page, you can interact with:

New Circuit button

Select the New Circuit button to build circuits using the drag-and-drop method, or to enter OpenQASM code into the code editor. See Build your circuit with drag-and-drop for more information on how to create quantum circuits.

New circuit and Import OpenQASM buttons

Import OpenQASM button

Select the Import OpenQASM button to upload an OpenQASM file of an experiment from your computer. See Build your circuit with OpenQASM code for more information on the OpenQASM language.

List of saved experiments

The list of your saved experiments includes four columns.

  • Name (you assign a name when you save your experiment)

  • Description (optional)

  • Updated (dated and time the experiment was last saved)

  • ID (an identifying number assigned by the system)

Select an experiment’s name to open that experiment in Circuit Composer.

You may rename or delete an experiment by selecting the box to the left of an experiment’s name. A set of buttons appears at the top of the table, including the option to export the OpenQASM file of an experiment.

You may also select multiple experiments to delete or export multiple OpenQASM files at once.

List of saved experiments, showing a selected experiment and the Export OpenQASM / Rename / Delete buttons